Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no time to even think about reality to virtuality

Monday, June 22, 2009

Technology Exponentialism

The word technology is associated with a myriad of things in our daily lives. Computers, Cell Phones, Medical Technology, Robots, Lasers, whatever. We are in the Technology Age, profound as it is simply true.

The first computer, circa 1936, had a clock speed of 1hz and used punchtape as an input/output device. Some 80 years later the average computer clock speed is ~4000000000 hertz... exponential growth in less than a century. Input/output is currently moving to a virtual platform that isn't always tangible. "Computers," or some form of electrical information data chips will be in everything imaginable by the end of the 21st century... from the human brain to the family dog Fido. New homes are nearly all smartwired for appliance connectivity. GPS will be able to track anyone whether they know or not. Its exciting as it is paranoidal. Government could easily steer to the path of big brother as seen in the "Patriot Act." If used for the benefit of the people this is ok in my book. Butt evil regimes could use "technology" to benefit their sphere of fear. How will you use it?

Embrace it

Live it

Skepticize Forced Technology